Microscopios en las Aulas

Last week in April this 2016, first school communities began their experiences with the Yoshino Smartphone Microscope.

Colegio Trewhela's School (Providencia, Santiago, Chile) and Liceo San Juan Bautista (Hualqui, Bío-Bío, Chile) have initiated their use of the microscope, with successful results!

Both school communities, are interested in building more microscopes and creating educational projects with their school community and also other networks.

We let you with some pictures that they have shared with PLOP, to convince you to share this experience with your school community!

Trewhela's School, Santiago, Chile - April 27, 2106.

Liceo San Juan Bautista, Hualqui, Chile - April 28, 2016.

 Now, is your turn.

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Contact PLOP telling us from which school community you are, we will provide a free and personalized distant-support, to allow you build this buying materials in your local urban market.

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